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Frequently Asked Questions

As a new or existing player or parent, you may have questions relating to playing  Rugby League with the North Curl Curl Knights or any club within the Manly Warringah District. Below are some helpful points which may be of assistance. Otherwise, feel free to get in touch.

How Much Does Registration Cost?

In 2023, registration costs are $165.00 per player. Active Kids Vouchers are able to be used 

Where Do I Register to Play?

To register to play Junior Rugby League with the Nth Curl Curl Knights, go to:

or click the REGISTER NOW button in the top right hand corner of this page.

How Do I Pay My Fees?

Fees are payable via the "" website during the registration process.

If you are waiting for a transfer from another club, you can pay once your clearance has been approved.

I Have Played For Another Club before, How Do I Move?

When you register to play AT ANY TIME with NSW Rugby League, you are in the system with a specific identification number. 

When you plan to change clubs, even if you haven't played for a while, a transfer will need to be processed. This includes your original club approving your departure and the new club accepting your registration.

There are limitations for transfers across clubs. 

Where Do We Train?

Most training occurs at our home ground at Reub Hudson Oval, Pitt Road, North Curl Curl.

At each Coach/Trainers discretion, there may be other locations such as local beaches, gyms, swim centres etc.

Only registered players are able to participate in training for insurance purposes.

How Do I Know What Age My Child Should Play In?

The age group is determined by what age your child is as of the 1st January each year.

What Rules Apply To Which Age Group?

As the teams get older, the game begins to include more elements that you will be familiar with. To find out what applies to your childs age group, check out the Junior Rugby League Laws booklet in the downloads section.

Click here for more info

When Do We Train?

Each training session is determined by the Coach and Team Manager.

After registration and within the pre-season (Feb/March) details will be provided to you.


Please note; these are subject to change based on weather or location. Make sure you stay in touch with your team via WhatsApp, Email or TeamApp - whichever tool is indicated by the Team Manager.

Can My Child Play Up an Age or Down an Age division?

YES - you will need to complete a "Playing In Higher Grades" form.


If you child is playing up, the form simply needs to be signed and submitted by the team manager and then sent to the secretary for approval.


If you child wishes to PLAY DOWN as they are small for their age, they will need to undertake a weight for age assessment. Details can be found here from section 2.19

Please email the secretary on for more details.

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