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2020 Player Recruitment

Incentive Program

Reruitment Promo North-Curl-Curl-Knights

Thanks for your interest in our Referral Program. At NCCK, we are a community driven club and feel that it is important to work together in the development and health of local kids. To show our support to you for supporting our club, we will offer you a $50 Westfield voucher for each family that is a new registration to our club.

Terms and Conditions

1.  You must subscribe to the North Curl Curl Knights quarterly newsletter

2.  The player referred must participate for the full season

3.  The player referred must identify you or the school/organisation at registration to the club. This cannot be done in retrospect

4.  Vouchers will be presented at the Annual presentation in September at the end of the season.

5. The North Curl Curl Knights committee retains the right to adjust the calculation at any time

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